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Page ranking using business keywords, when you use Maui SEO to direct traffic to your website.

  • With the use of White Hat techniques
  • By promoting your website
  • And obtaining excellent results

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Search engine ranking strategies start with the design and development of your web page. If, for any reason you do not have a website, then we recommend you use an expert SEO company, such as Kauai Time to assist you in its creation. By choosing our company, we will ensure that every parameter set down by Google is covered, which for you or your business means your website will be ranked by Google. However, if you have already developed a website, then we can offer you SEO optimization which optimizes your site for search engines. This particular service is referred to as On Page Optimization.

When you initial contact Kauai Time, we will take the time to listen to your business needs, once we have a full picture of what you require, we will identify which are the most specific and profitable keywords for your niche or market.

If you are unfamiliar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is quite easy to get confused with keywords. For example, “Hotel” will not rank the same as say, “Hotel in Maui, or Hotel in Lahaina.” It is obvious that any searches made on Google for the word Hotel will produce a greater amount of results than if the other two were searched, and it is possible to apply this to all markets and niches.

It is vital to work out which are going to the most beneficial and keywords for your business and this is where Kauai Time can help. We are happy to do all the hard work for you, and then present you with the best options focusing specifically on your requirements.

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We offer you a complete analysis of the best techniques, sections and ranking keywords of your website which you should rank position depending on the keywords. Do not let the web positioning of your present business be based on keywords that do not generate you quality visits. The most important factor for your online presence is to determinte what keywords will bring you the best ROI and profits

We are a Web consultancy freelancers with proven record that will present you with the best alternatives tailored to your investment opportunities.

We develop complete projects of on-line Marketing
We are freelance consultants and we analyze the possibilities for search engine optimization, SEO, sponsored links (SEM), content creation and optimization campaigns for social networks (SMO) and SEO web design, oriented to achieve the best search engine positioning.

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I provide my clients with high-quality crafted multimedia content, which allows Google and other search engines the information they need. By using the guidelines of search engines and our tried and tested methods and techniques, we achieve great results. In using these methods, it requires many hours of manual work to achieve high page rankings search engines. We have found that this is the best method to use and over time, protects your investment, despite any search engine algorithm changes introduced in the future.

On the flipside, there are many companies who offer cheap web content, most of which is computer generated. These companies are known in the industry as “Black Hat”. Most, if not all, of these black hat companies use practices which totally go against web policies. Although your website may well be ranked high initially, in the future, it will certainly be penalized. For you, and your business this could have catastrophic effects, and may even, in the worst case, have your website de-indexed.


1What Is the Web Design & SEO connection?
Years ago, It was thought that an attractive web design would be enough to get more customers. The concept these days has changed. A design that attracts the attention of those who visit you, is important. But the most important thing is that you GET VISITED, get traffic and therefore you need to be ranked at the top of the search engines.
1Has web design any bearing in the rankings of search engines?
Yes, definitely. That’s way professional designers take into account web positioning when developing a page. The search engine optimization of a page starts with the design. If your website is not correctly configured for the search engines, it will be needed to modify and optimize it. Therefore, if you are looking to get a new web site or make a redesign or your current page, it is best that your developer it is an expert in SEO. Kauai Time have the background and experience to take up the job and make you a completely fully optimized webpage, ready to start ranking right away.
1When are the first results visible?
There’s not a standard answer for that question. That being said, if the keyword reseach is well done, with a well chosen keyword and a good on-site optimization of your site, the first results are visible in 4 weeks from the start of the first works. Don’t hesitate to ask about your particular project
1Do you have a record of proven results?
Indeed we have. Please ask about our client’s success in different niches and markets. We have international experience in multiple markets, including those ones with fierce competition. We have an updated portfolio at your disposal on request.



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