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  • You have an Expert SEO Consultant right here on Kauai with a proven record for creating leaders in their markets.
  • Proven Local Hawaii record, with National and International Expertise
  • Only work 1 client per market in Kauai (What that means is that we won't be working for your competition in Kauai)

With our Kauai SEO service you will rank page #1 in the main search engines for your business keywords and receive more traffic, leads and new clients while getting higher rankings that your competitors. And we do it all while:

  • Using safe Business-Grade White Hat techniques
  • Increasing your visibility across Google, Google Maps and main search engines
  • Getting results for real, growing your business consistently. No more wondering if the phone will ring!

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A web positioning strategy must begin with the development of your page, with an optimized web site. The best option is that if you do not have a web site, choose an expert in a SEO company, like Kauai Online Marketing, that includes the required parameters so that Google ranks it. If you already have a web page developed, we will work on the Web SEO optimization, tailoring and optimizing it to the search engines. This work is called, On Page Optimization.

When you get in contact with Kauai Online Marketing, we will first listen to your business needs, and then we will identify the most profitable terms or keywords for you

Be aware, if you are new to Search Engine Optimization, that is not the same to rank “Hotel” than “Hotel in Kauai”, or “Hotel in Poipu”. Understandibly, “Hotel” will have way more competition than “Hotel in Kauai” or “Hotel in Poipu”. The first term will generate ten thousand times more traffic than the 2nd. This can be applied to all niches and markets: lihue business, business services lihue, shops, printing services lihue, etc

We must identify which keywords are the best for your interests and budget. But don’t worry, Kauai Time will do the work for you and will present you the most intereting options based on your suggestions.

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We make the difficult easy for you. We prepare for you a complete analysis of the best techniques, sections and ranking keywords of your website which you should rank, depending on the keywords. Do not let the web positioning of your present business be based on keywords that do not generate you quality visits. The most important factor for your online presence is to determinte what keywords will bring you the best ROI and profits.

We are an expert Web consultancy business with proven record that will present you with the best alternatives tailored to your investment opportunities.

We develop complete projects of on-line Marketing
We are freelance consultants that analyze the possibilities for search engine optimization, SEO, sponsored links (SEM), content creation and optimization campaigns for social networks (SMO) and SEO web design, oriented to achieve the best search engine positioning.


We don’t hide our work as other SEO companies

That’s why every month we prepare and list you a detailed report with all our work so you can review it. Complete Keywords Rankings Report You can see your Keywords rankings, for the last 60 days. This is a very interesting way to evaluate the progress of the rankings, according to the work done. Complete link building reports. We classify all the links made by different categories: Web 2.0, Video sites, Multimedia Sites, Online storage site, etc. You can read one by one and check the quality of my work. Being a manual work, the quality of the content created will surprise you.


1What Is the Web Design & SEO connection?
Years ago, It was thought that an attractive web design would be enough to get more customers. The concept these days has changed. A design that attracts the attention of those who visit you, is important. But the most important thing is that you GET VISITED, get traffic and therefore you need to be ranked at the top of the search engines.
1What's the connection between web design and good rankings in search engines?
Professional web designers take into account web ranking when developing a new web site. The search engine optimization of a page starts with the design. If your website is not correctly configured for the search engines, it will be needed to modify and optimize it. Therefore, if you are looking to get a new web site or make a redesign or your current page, it is best that your developer it is an expert in SEO. Kauai Time have the background and experience to take up the job and make you a completely fully optimized webpage, ready to start ranking right away.
1When are the first results visible?
There’s not a standard answer for that question. That being said, if the keyword reseach is well done, with a well chosen keyword and a good on-site optimization of your site, the first results are visible in 4 weeks from the start of the first works. Don’t hesitate to ask about your particular project
1Do you have a record of proven results?
Indeed we have. Please ask about our client’s success in different niches and markets. We have international experience in multiple markets, including those ones with fierce competition. We have an updated portfolio at your disposal on request.
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We make high quality multimedia crafted content, to give Google and the other Search Engines what they are looking for. always using techniques and methods that are within the guidelines of the search engines. That entails that most of the work performed to get your webpage to the top of search engines, like Google, requires hours of manual work. But it is by far the safest method that will protect your investment overtime, despite the present and future changes in algorithms.

On the other hand, there are in the market many black hat companies that offer cheap, computer generated content. These practices goes against the policies of Search Engines. And though it can rank your site well for a time, it will for sure be penalized in the near future. The consequences for your business can be disastrous, since many of the clients of those companies end up penalized and get displaced from the first positions, or worse yet, they get De-indexed.



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