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SEO for an awning company


My client is a family owned awning installation and fabrication company based on the Madrid area, Spain. Currently they have 5 employees and as every awning company, their business is highly seasonal, having peeks of work in summer time and spring. The core of their business are custom made awnings and pergola structures, along with awning repairing and maintenance.



This company have many competitors in the Madrid area, and many of them are much bigger companies, with more employees and marketing budgets. Therefore, for them, competing in equal conditions was impossible.

The family owners of the company, got in contact with me through a common friend, which referred them to me. We had a meeting in which I pointed out that on Internet, they not will have to compete with small and large awnings companies, but also with big directories and local sites, like yellow pages, and services directories. Therefore, the difficulty to make a dent in Google rankings will be a factor.

I presented them a plan to get our focus on realistic keywords that we can worked on, and the first pillar of the plan will be re designing their website, as it was very outdated and did not fulfill current Google standards, as being responsive and SEO friendly.



For this particular project, my main concerns were competing with big brick-and-mortar companies and big online players at the same time. Also, finding profitable keywords in their market that other companies were not actively focusing their SEO efforts and/or outranking those companies with more SEO background, will be difficult.

Finally, their current website, had no content, no SEO metrics and no relevance for Google. Outrank other websites in this circumstances will prove to be a challenge indeed.



We spent the first weeks working on their website, upgrading it to WordPress and designing a optimized SEO web site, complaint with the latest Google guidelines.

After that, for the following months, me and my team started actively working on their off-site SEO, using the best white-hat, safe techniques for business available, and checking regularly the progress made.



Over the course of the months, we have managed to rank this client on multiple cities for their main activity, awnings. Notably on his own city and others, they are ranked #2 over big Internet sites like yellow pages. And some of their products, like pergolas, where there are currently ranked #1 nation wide, above other big companies.

This has resulted in a better brand exposure from our client as well as an increase in revenue in new clients. From having an old, outdated page, now our client enjoys a money-making, leads magnet website.

His business is thriving thanks to our SEO services, and they successfully have a good and profitable online presence. Now you can be the next by getting in contact with me for a one on one consultation.




If you too need help getting your website ranked high on Google,

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