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– Whatever type of business you have, winning and retaining clients, paying clients, matters.


The best clients are repeat clients because they’re the best way to ensure ongoing work, and finding new ones is sometimes difficult.

Client turnover is a challenge. It means that you can get clients but you can’t keep them. This ultimately shows three possible things:

  1. Number one, you have a cost problem
  2. Number two, you have a performance problem
  3. Number three, the client doesn’t need your services anymore


This can be easily addressed if you can control these three things, cost, performance, and expectations.

 retainnig customers

Here are five actionable ways to retaining your best clients and getting new ones as well:


Focus on solving the client’s problems first, then your service and products second.

By identifying what your client needs and problems are, you can then develop products and services that can address that need. Give value to your customers and be honest about what you can offer. Talk to your existing customers on what difficulties or challenges they’re experiencing right now.


Get feedback on certain issues and bottlenecks they’re facing and learn how you can be of help.


Control your costs.

Take control and make sure your customer gets the best bang for their buck. By controlling costs, you’ll be able to keep a project within your customer’s budget and still be profitable for you. This will boost your client’s perception of how you manage projects and is more likely to result in repeat business.


Always understate your services and manage their expectations well. Then over perform.

By doing this, you’ll be able to exceed your client’s expectations and get great reviews. But a word of caution. Do not totally understate your abilities to the extent that you’ll lose the client. There’s a difference between managing expectations and dumbing down your abilities.


Number four, don’t stop selling.

Keep creating products and services for your customers that will offer many ways that you can help them. Many clients sometimes don’t know what they’re after. Always look for opportunities to generate additional revenue. If you feel you can offer better products and services than what your client is currently using now, show it to them, but remember, don’t be too pushy. There’s a difference between pitching a client a product and pushing too hard.


Don’t come off as though you’re just in it for the money. Number five, continuously offer support. The number one reason why customers leave is because they’re dissatisfied. Part of that comes from not providing excellent customer service even after the product is given and the service has been rendered.

Respond quickly, present loyal customers with a special offer or discount to show your appreciation.


Offer continuous support for the products and services that they’ve already purchased.

By doing this, you make sure that your customers stay engaged with you Making sure your clients come back enables you to do more with your business and keep a steady supply of revenue Repeat customers are easier to handle and they know what to expect.

Always leave a lasting impression to make them come back for more!





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