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SEO for Business - Why Now?

I want to talk a little bit about why you want to employ SEO in your marketing right now. So a lot of times I’ll talk to people and they’ll say:

“Well… I’ll do this in a couple months.”

“Come talk to me in six months or a year from now. We’ll see where we’re at”

And that’s all well and good if that’s what you want to do, but you are literally letting things slide for that time-frame.

You know SEO doesn’t happen overnight, right? It’s not something that you can employ and then tomorrow you’re gonna be ranking. That would be something like PPC, where you you do you pay as you go. And as soon as you stop paying you’re not you’re not going to get the results anymore. But SEO you pay and you’re gonna get the results in like three, four, maybe six months, depending on the competition, but you’re going to stay there long after, you know, the campaign is over.

So when people say why now? Why they have to do it now? Well, you want to get it going on the strategy now so you can start to rank as soon as possible. You want your business in front of the people that are looking for you as soon as it possibly can.

And then you want to stay there for a long time after, right? So if we wait another year, that’s going to be another year, and then plus the six months it’s going to take to actually rank your website and who knows where your website is going to be at that point. How far behind the eight ball you’re going to be?

google photoMeanwhile, this whole time, you’re letting all of the people that are doing those searches for what it is that you provide, they’re going to your competition. There are hundreds and a lot of times, a lot of cases thousands of people searching every single month for what it is that you offer, specifically. Now, right now, they’re, if they’re not finding your website, they’re going to continue to not find your website and go to somebody else.

So if you want to continue to let these people go to your competition and see your competition first, then by all means wait But that’s why you really need to employ SEO as soon as possible and get it going in your marketing strategy. The sooner you do this, the sooner you’re going to start to see the results So that’s really my answer as to why now? You can wait, if that’s something you want to do But the longer you wait, the longer you’re going to let your competition have those people and be the first one that those people see when they do those searches every single month.

And again, I invite you to look for what it is that you offer. Look for your services online. Look for whatever product you offer. Search for it online! And if you’re not the first one that you see, then there’s something wrong and you need to address that! And the other thing, too, is when you do these searches, do it in Google Chrome, on an incognito window, so you’re not cookied.

Because a lot of times people will tell me “Oh I’m number one” When they’re really not number one, just got cookied because they’re using a browser that they’re logged in on. So, do an incognito window in Google Chrome and see if you’re ranked number one.

If you’re not ranked number one, there’s something wrong and you really need to address that! And that’s why you need to do it.

This is why you really need to get on this right now and not wait. It’s not something you can afford to to let go for any longer.





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