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Content Marketing Strategy – 3 Actions Steps to turn Knowledge into Power


I want to talk today just take a few minutes and talk about information and knowledge and how do you see it in your online business and your web marketing ,your content marketing and product development.

You know it’s Benjamin Franklin that said “If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him An Investment in knowledge is always gonna gave you a best returns.

Now Ben was a pretty smart guy right, and he is kinda Information chemist and I agree with them, you know information and knowledge is very important.

But that’s only part of the equation The other side of it is something that the point he will talk about in his longing success which is taking action. You know having that knowledge and having that information and just sitting on it, really doesn’t do any good.

So my question to you is, what you doing in your business and in the products and content and all that knowledge that you have?

What are you doing with that knowledge to create something, a value that you can put out and serve your clients and you know serve your target audience. For me that comes through ranking my clients through SEO, and creating and curating amazing content either for my own team, for various clients that I am working with.

And I got to tell you I just loved it because I have met some amazing people that have so much knowledge and so much life experience that they just are so enthusiastic to share, they are just bubbling! He said he has a great experience so I know the stuff I know this is gonna be the solution for somebody and they just wanna get it out.

So that’s the part were turning that information into action is so important

And I personally, I feel so blessed and so honored every single time I’m able to helped somebody do that kinda extracted from their brain and put it out and organized that into something that their clients or their target audience can use.

So what actions are you taking to build your online business? I’m gonna give you three really quick and easy things that you can incorporate starting today to help you get the information and get the knowledge that you need to, give yourself a really good foundation.

Reading every single day for an hour

reading every single day for an hour

And the first one is reading every single day for an hour and if you done any kind of research or reading on some of the top business people throughout time, this is a hobby they have they read every single day and if you are not a big reader you know get a audio books and listen to the audio and in that manner you can find out that not only the news stuff thats coming out now but also read something that classics And what is I found does, it’s not only does it give you a good information and knowledge base but it also helps you kind a get through some of those problems that you know otherwise but it seems so huge and so insurmountable if you did not realize that other people have gone through this before and you know you find out, Oh! What did they do? And what so their solutions? And what’s the out coming? How is that applied to my business or my clients or the solution that I am developing for this common problem? So there’s so much value and establishing that routine.


Take control of your time

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And then the second thing, I would suggest that you do is to take control of your time I mean we live in a twenty four seven world you know that, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the most efficient and effective thing for you to be constantly on that twenty four seven roller coaster. It’s not the routine that you wanna be doing for a very long amount of time cause you are going to get totally burnt-out.

So what I would like you to considers everyday work on your top five priorities first. Either the night before or that morning jot down the five things that you should be doing that’s going to take you action steps that’s going to take a closer to your specific business goal and if you establish that habit your gonna make progress and get closer to what you wanna do.

And the third thing is take action, you know you can have the knowledge you can write down your list but if you don’t do anything on that list, you might as well just throwing it out cause nothing is gonna get done. So you take action and sometimes that means it’s action steps that you personally needs to take your online marketing or maybe with your content marketing strategy that is going to excel or be beneficial to your business.

Other times it means you’re gonna delegate some stuff out. You can outsource, utilize your existence and you can kinda duplicate your efforts and get more done in a short period of time. So you need to determine which five things are most important, you need to take action on them and leave out all the other distractions until that is done.

You know just an example from my morning routine, it’s usually look something like this: I worked out or I run in the morning come home and breakfast and sit on the deck and I read like for an hour or more sometimes. But I read with a purpose you know I have that notebook aside and I’m taking notes and I usually find somethings really that kind of tickles my brain and I think Oh yeah! I should do this And I come in and I take action right away I would either write a blog, post all my video or I do something with my content marketing strategy or could be that I you know put together an outline for new product

Just something I take action on it right away while it’s fresh on my mind. And in that point I go on to those five specific things that I’ve identified to do to bring my business to the next step. So established those kind of routines because you know the basis of online marketing is knowledge, is information, and it’s you know creating content based on that knowledge information but then you need to take some action with that content that you have.

And in your business if you want to do something that’s kind of spontaneous, make sure you consider, you know what they called it “calculated risk”. You can take chances, you can be spontaneous and you can be fearless and try new things but you always want to keep your hands on a wheel, you want to be in control of where your business is going and you have to ask yourself you know if you’re not in control in your business or even in your personal life then: who is in control? And whoever else in control do they have your best interest in mind? Do they have your best interest in mind for your business or your personal life, or family?

You know the success that you want to achieve that you want to make or whatever it is And I will venture to say that you are probably the best person to rely on to have your best interest in mind So that’s my little bit of wisdom for today, you know establish your routine that includes in hour reading, taking control of your time don’t let this everything getting away and then take action.

Establish those five things everyday that you’re going to do. That’s gonna move you closer to your goal So I hope that helps you.





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