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how to improve the conversions in your web: test everything


How to improve conversions in your site is important.

It can mean the difference between obtaining x2 or x3 of income with the same amount of visitors. Think on how much sales do you have per week. Now multiply or triple it. By now you are starting to understand that spending time optimizing the funnel is well worth every efford. In fact, big retailers over the Internet spends millions every year in their experiments and tests for optimizing their own funnels for a higher conversion rate.

The conversion rate on your web depends on many factors among which could include:

  • How competitive is the product in quality and price. If another website is offering the same service cheaper, with a greater presence in Internet, and with a more eye-catching packaging, we need to “catch up” in terms of competitiveness.

The SEO consultant can help with conversions (percentage of visitors who become customers) if from the outset the consultant who plans the ranking strategy is very clear as to what are the keywords that will most help our client to attract quality traffic.

  • The “web design” (not structure) normally exceeds the scope of a SEO but it is necessary to take this into account. Therefore, if we find a web design outdated to modern standard, is recommended to convey our opinion to our client to try to develop an optimized design. With this, I’m not referring about internal structure of the web (SEO On Page), but rather, about aesthetics and content. Laying a good foundation right from the beginning help up for future months in achieving the results in an optimized way.

A must while thinking about conversion is asking: will I hire my own business services by just just looking at the web page?. Does it encourages you to purchase? Is it well structured and offers information better than your competition?.

There are other factors that affects conversion too:

Criteria for conversions improvement related to the web and web hosting:

1. Attractive and professional design.
A professional look to any company’s web site is essential to achieve that our client wants to hire us. Do not seek a very abstract web design, services offer them people, therefore… smiling images of people across the site inspire confidence.

If your website is an on line shop, be sure to access your clients with different payment methods, options and outstanding customer service so they can get in touch with the supplier of the service in the event of any incident. Similarly, to enhance conversions, do not forget the “calls to action” and the proper use of Landing Pages.


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2. Load speed
It is one more of the approximately 200 criteria which takes into account Google for web positioning, because Google interprets that this factor is directly related to the user experience. It is a very important factor for ranking this days. Think about how many times you have abandoned a site because is too slow to load. On the other hand, think how pleasant it is when a site loads fast. And neither one of us wants to experience lag when we are trying to finish a purchase in any Internet store.[/one_half_last]

The loading speed of the web depends essentially of the optimization of the web itself and secondly of the quality and type of hosting that we use to host our web. If you pretend to build a professional project, you need a professional hosting.


How to improve conversions in your site, the expert way.

To analyze the loading speed of your web, your can use services like Gtmetrix. They generate a report with the tasks already done and those ones that you still can implement to increase your loading speed. If you are using a CMS like WordPress you will notice that the loading speed is much lower than other Web sites. But it can be optimized, though it is not very likely that you can reach the speed of loading of a traditional website designed with pure HTML without more additions.

If you are having troubles with the speed of your web, we can help with our professional services.

Multi platform and responsive design

To have nowadays a web page that is visible easily on any device, be it a computer, a tablet or a Smartphone, is an obligation. The traffic that is received from these devices is impressive and we must logically have a website adapted to each and every one of the systems. In addition, as with the loading speed, it is very refreshing to find a web that adapts to our device and therefore at the end this factor as well helps convert more.

Today you can find hundreds of responsive templates designs that adapts automatically to the device.

Contents and structure of the web (internal SEO or SEO On Page, the basics)

Are you not yet tired of hearing about the importance of content marketing? Content quality? In an ideal world, with great professionals supporting your project, you can invest time and money to achieve this extraordinary content, but reality dictates that most of the business don’t have the resources to have an big marketing team.

“But I do not have excessive resources for marketing, can I still have a good SEO?”

this days Google can measure tue quality of a written article. But still, the greatest piece you can come with, needs social signals, human approve. Or that’s what Google thinks.

Apart from the popularity that a specific content reaches across the net, Google has other ways to measure what he understands is a better piece of content than other. It gives more importance to a more extensive article than one short, more relevance to a well structured article than one that does not use labels (h1, h2, bold). It also gives more relevance to the one that incorporates images and/or videos over the one that does not have them.

Then, what should be our strategy on the structure of a website and its contents?

Please read our next post to find out more ways to improve conversion.

In the meantime, what don’t you prove that this is a great human content to Google and give us a share? 😉





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