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How to improve conversions in your site
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From Our SEO Services – What is the SEO method of the 3 Cs?

Sure you’ve never heard of it? Understandably, we just used it for this article.

The 3 C’s method is based on our own method of SEO positioning. With “the 3 C’s of Web ranking” began a series of 3 articles on SEO positioning that help you learn more about SEO, and incidentally, we have our own checklist in Kauai Time without having to resort to any social bookmark 😉

What is the meaning of the 3 C’s for ranking in Google?

The first C corresponds to the content
We’ve heard it a thousand times, content = King

The second C is the context… the Queen…

And now we go for the third C… conversions… leads us to what is the content and the context leads us to get conversions and therefore the success of the campaign.

We must never forget that the conversions (sales) are the most important part of almost any business or on-line marketing campaign plan. When we achieve conversions, that means that the investment in SEO is justified. If we don’t plan previously to get those conversions to take place, it won’t matter how potential customers we bring through SEO, they will stay in that state, “potential” because we won’t move the clients forward in the sales.

How to implement the SEO method of the 3 C’s

Let’s plan sensibly.  Any SEO Service need to be able to plan any successful SEO campaign around:

  1. Conversions
  2. To get conversions we need appropriate content.
  3. We do that by means of appropriate context.

The objective of a good SEO is to get the highest number of visits from potential customers, and as we are discussing about SEO, we focus on customers who can reach a web site from organic searches in search engines (primarily Google).

Yes, that is true, but it also happens that in many cases, our goal cannot be reduced only and exclusively to provide this flow of visits. On many occasions, our client has no knowledge on how to get his website to convert, or which channel is best suited to get new customers. If that’s the case, and is very common with the vast majority of small businesses, it is necessary to advise our clients in other areas wider than those of the SEO services. You have to advise on the best way to get those long-awaited conversions prior to the SEO campaign. If you are reading this and feel that you might need help with your business, don’t hesitate to contact us for free SEO advice .

Why is this advice completely necessary?… if we look from a selfish point of view, if our client does not convert, we can hardly continue with the SEO campaign and we might eventually lose it.

And from a collaborative perspective, when we advise properly, our customers will have more chances to get conversions driven with our SEO work. This will most likely to help the client in other areas which are not directly linked with his competition but will help his company to get a better positioning, since Google tracks conversions as one of the parameters of ranking as well. In a nutshell, all parties will be happy with the outcome.

Our next article, the second from the series will cover the subject:
The conversions. How to get your company to get conversions using your web page?





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